Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Making Of The Boompole - DIY

The Filmmoto© Boompole Kit was introduced in November 2008, we developed the Grip Boom Adapter followed by the Pro Boom Adapter first, then set out to find a quality Black Telescoping Pole to use with the new Pro Adapter. That was easier said then done, I went to every hardware store looking for a Black Telescoping Pole and settled on a Silver Telescoping Pole, only to find a Distributor with a Black High Quality Telescoping Pole that could be sold at a reasonable price, I immediately returned the Silver Telescoping Pole after receiving my Black Pole, not only was it Black, it was very comfortable to Grip.

What's the big Deal? A Pole is a Pole..... Ever Film or Tape with a Boom Operator standing at 2:00 o'clock in the bright sun with a Silver Pole? You'll have search and rescue helicopters circling your location in no time, thinking you're trying to signal them with that bright light your Silver Pole is reflecting. This will bring unwanted traffic and noise to the set.

The Filmmoto© Black Telescoping Pole is great for interior shooting, it has a minimum height of 43' and extends to 79.25" then add 5.5" for Pro Boom Adapter which will give you 7' foot Boom. The Rode Boompole of the same size sells for $150.00. So this Boompole and Pro Adapter is for the Budget minded person, that wants value and a good working product.

A Shockmount can cost more then the Boompole Kit, but if you ever upgrade your pole to a higher end Boompole after raking in big bucks on your productions, you'll have a high end Professional Shockmount to put on the new Boompole, unlike cheap low end Boompoles that come with a cheap Shockmount, that would defeat the purpose of having such an expensive Boompole.

The Filmmoto© Boompole is a great entry level Boompole to start with, and you'll find yourself not needing to replace it anytime soon. It has a professional look and feel that you'll feel comfortable showing up on set with. The Boom Adapters also allow you to go purchase a really long Telescoping Pole and Adapt Microphone to when more distance is needed in a large area.

I use the Filmmoto© Boompole Kit in my productions with no problems, along with a Professional 150" Testrite Pole, which I will have in stock and forsale on in March 2009. Acheivie better sound by getting the microphone off the camera helps in producing quality videos and films for the world to see. Purchase this product and more at or link to our Ebay Authorized Reseller and get the New Kit.

Some Feedback from buyers of the Boompole Kit: Updated Feb. 04, 2008

Great buy!! Shipping was quick and item came exactly as descibed!!
Buyer: thegeirge 17

Fast shipping. Item was well packaged. Great and affordable product! Thank you!
Buyer: jjong1987 34


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